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Great Range Mountain Guides customizes each day to suit the needs of our guests. Periodically however we will offer programmed days with with a designed curriculum. If you are interested in one of the programs but can't make the date, consider booking a day through the Private Guiding option. 


Introduction to Rock Climbing

If the sport of rock climbing has you curious but you're not sure how to get started, this is a good option. After introductions and a briefing for the day, we'll head out to one of the many excellent cliffs in the High Peaks. Options include: King Phillips spring wall, Chapel Pond canyon, and Tilman's arete.


Once at the site, we will go over climbing movement, belaying and tieing in, with the day focused on experiencing different styles of climbing and creating a solid basis of understanding for the vertical world. 

Cost per person: $200

Dates Available: 5/17, 7/12, 8/16

Email for Availability



For many people, their first exposure to climbing is through a climbing gym. While this is a great way to build fitness and learn the basics, taking those skills to the outdoors can be a difficult process.

This program is meant to shorten the learning curve and increase participants risk management awareness. Potential skills to practice are: constructing climbing anchors using natural and artificial protection, belay stance and rope management, rappelling and lowering and basic self-rescue techniques.

Cost per person: $200

Dates Available: 5/4, 6/21

Email for Availability

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