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Great Range Mountain Guides customizes each day to suit the needs of our guests. However, most of our days can be broadly defined as either a Guided Ascent or Technical Instruction. Often, there is a natural blending of these two elements. However, when considering your day(s) out with us please communicate what you would like to focus on.



Whether you've never tried climbing before or have been at it for years and just need a trusted partner for a coveted classic route, a Guided Ascent is what you're looking for. 

From our base in the Adirondacks, we have good access to quality single and multi-pitch climbing at cliffs such as: the Beer Walls, Chapel Pond Slab, Pitchoff Chimney cliff and Poke-o Moonshine. 


Whether you're looking to learn how to safely setup a top-rope climb on your own, progress into leading or practice self-rescue skills, Technical Instruction is what you're looking for. 

It is easy when we are out climbing to focus on just the climbing, but it is extremely valuable to spend dedicated time with a trained professional honing a specific skill-set.

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