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Mark grew up in the Champlain Valley of New York and was out hiking, cross-country skiing and getting firewood with his family from a young age. After being introduced to climbing as a teenager, it became a driving force in his life.

Through climbing, Mark has traveled to 
New Zealand, Peru and throughout the American West. For him, it is a pursuit that is both empowering and humbling, something that he strives to emphasize with all his guests. 

As a guide, he believes it is important to continually improve and seek new knowledge. Currently, he is an American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) Certified Rock Instructor, Apprentice Alpine Guide and Assistant Single Pitch Instructor Provider.

After having guided for other services in the area for the past decade, Great Range Mountain Guides is where he has chosen to make his mark, so to speak.

He currently lives in Elizabethtown, close to where he grew up, with his wife and two young daughters. He fervently believes that "E'town" is one of the best climbing towns in the US with its close proximity to Poke-o Moonshine and Chapel Pond.

“Nobody else knows or cares too much about what you do, but if you get a good feeling inside about what you do, then it doesn't matter if nobody else knows.”

Terry Cummins Feed My Sheep

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